Getting your pictures
Within three weeks of your session, we will email you a link to an online gallery containing your photos. We guarantee at least 20 photos but often deliver many more, all of which are yours to keep, share, post online, or print. You are free to share the link to your gallery with anyone you want, so your friends and family can look through your pictures too. You will also be able to use the gallery to download high-resolution versions of all your photos.
As you browse your gallery we encourage you to click the "Share" button on any images you like, which will then let you post them to online sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even email. This is a great way to share your images with the world and let everyone see the results of your photo session.
None of your photos will have watermarks, logos, or branding of any kind at all. We want your photos to showcase you, not Stevens Creek Photography.
Photo Printing
Getting your photos taken today is a lot different than it was ten or twenty years ago. Back then the best way to experience pictures was through high-quality prints, and we have several just like this adorning the walls of our own home. However, most people today prefer to share their photos with friends and family digitally on social networks, messaging apps, or email. The pictures we take of you and your loved ones are yours to do with as you please. Not only do we have no restrictions on sharing them, we encourage it! What you do with your photos is entirely your own business and that includes sharing them online. You paid for the pictures, so you should be able to enjoy them how you see fit—print, digital, or both.
If you do want to get prints made, by all means please do so! We do not put any sort of printing restrictions on your photos, and we are happy to recommend Mpix if you would like to order them on your own. Your photos that you download from the online gallery are high-resolution and can easily be printed up to sizes such as 8x10", 11x14', or larger. 
Social Media
We don't really do much on social media. We have a Facebook page that we set up years ago but don't really use or even update; we just leave it online because some people prefer to use that to get in touch. We won't post your pictures to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Threads, or any other social network. If you would like to put your pictures online, go right ahead! We love seeing clients share their images with others, but we prefer to leave that kind of activity to you—not us.
At most you can expect to see two or three shots posted here on our website to give others an idea of the kinds of pictures we take, but these pictures won't have your name or any personal information. And even then, if you would rather not have us put your pictures on the website we will of course respect your wishes. These are your photos, your precious memories, and we want you to be in control of who sees them and how they are shared.