It's so hard to get family photos--we know, we've been there! With all the school events, work commitments, and family obligations in your life it can be difficult to find time to arrange a picture session and capture the memories you want. Though we can't promise our photo sessions will make the rest of your life any less hectic, we can provide you with beautiful images to remember this time for years to come.
Our family sessions are casual, laid back, and on your terms. We have a few favorite spots in Stillwater that work great for photos, but are willing to meet you anywhere you like for your session. Most sessions last about one hour and we like to get a variety of pictures, both posed as well as candids.  We won't nickel-and-dime you for you time either. If we end up spending more time (which can certainly happen if kids aren't cooperating!) we don't mind at all. Our goal is to get great photos of you and your loved ones.
Whether your kids are six months, six years, or about to turn sixteen, we work with you to put them at ease, creating natural smiles and expressions.  It's a fun experience that takes all the stress and hassle out of getting your pictures taken.