Our price is simple: $200
This price covers approximately one hour of on-location photography within 20 miles of Stillwater (i.e. Perkins, Perry, Glencoe, Yost, and Morrison) including as many props, people, or wardrobe changes as you want. We can suggest some good spots or meet you at one of your favorite places, even your own home. We're pretty flexible, so if your photo session takes a bit longer or you need some special accommodations we are happy to adjust as needed. We want you to enjoy the session as much as you enjoy your pictures, and we won't nickel-and-dime you for little things along the way.
Included in the $200 price are at least 20 high-resolution digital photos suitable for printing at a variety of sizes from fit-in-your-wallet to hang-on-your-wall. We say "at least" because we will often deliver many more, but we want you to know that you can count on getting 20 at a minimum. All your photos can be downloaded, shared, posted to social networks, or printed from your favorite photo service. See our Client Proofing page for more details.
What matters most to us is that you are happy with your photos. We have no hidden charges or upsells, and we don't do less-expensive "mini sessions." If you have questions, just ask and we would be glad to answer any questions you might have.
Weddings, Birthdays, other Events: N/A
Our specialty is small, personal photo sessions but we often get asked about shooting larger events like weddings, birthdays, and school functions. Perhaps one day we will do these types of sessions, but right now our focus is much more limited. The reason is simple: we don't want to take on more work than we can handle, and we want to give your photos the attention and care they deserve. Our family is the main priority in our lives, and in order to keep it that way we have decided to limit our photography projects in order to keep a good balance between work and play.