About us
We are a husband and wife team based in Stillwater, Oklahoma, who take photos of the people in your life who matter most. Both of us are faculty members at Oklahoma State University and we have lived in town since 2009, which means we know the area pretty well and have lots of favorite spots around town that work great for portraits.
We shoot pictures in Stillwater and the surrounding communities in sessions that are fun, friendly, and designed to fit your schedule. Whether you want to get photos of your little ones, your whole family, or if you are looking for portraits to commemorate life milestones like your senior year of high school or college graduation, we can capture your memories with the care and respect they deserve.
We have two boys of our own so we know how much work it can take to get the whole family together for a picture, and we know how rarely that actually happens! Your time is valuable and if you're like us you don't have a lot of it to spare, so we'll make your session is hassle-free and focused on you.

Stevens Creek, just outside of town where we grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. It might not look like much, but it holds a special place in our hearts.

Why Stevens Creek?
We knew each other when we were growing up in Nebraska, and the two of us would often walk down a path to a meandering little stream on the outskirts of town called Stevens Creek. On the way we would often get Mt. Dew at the gas station just off the trail and sip our drinks while talking about school, life, movies, or anything else. 25 years later these are still some of our favorite memories, and even though we're married with two kids of our own we still think about those times back in high school and how much of our lives were shaped by those walks to Stevens Creek.
“Whatever you do, do it with all your heart, as unto the Lord and not to men.”— Colossians 3:23
Our Style
One thing you'll probably notice as you browse through the images on our website is that we keep things simple. Most of our shots are pretty basic: smiling families, happy kids, and everyone just looking at the camera. We aren't here to reinvent the concept of modern family photography, and we aren't doing this to win awards for creativity. What we do focus on is capturing you and the people you love in photographs that are beautiful, classic, and timeless and will look great hanging on your wall or sharing with others today or decades from now. That's our style, and we're sticking to it :)
We recognize that by allowing us to photograph what matters most to you, you are giving us the honor of preserving your memories for posterity. Just as we think back to Stevens Creek and the parts of our lives that were shaped and molded during those times, we hope you look back on the photos of you, your family, your kids, or your friends with the same fondness years from now, no matter where life takes you.
Beyond Family Photos
Simon enjoys teaching about photography almost as much as taking photos. He has written over 200 articles for a website called Digital Photography School and maintains his own photo blog and podcast called Weekly Fifty. You can find his ever-growing archive of creative pictures on Flickr.