Whether you're an SPS Pioneer, OSU Cowboy, or about to bring your experience to a close at one of the many other schools in or around Stillwater, this is a unique and special time in your life. Classes are almost done and the rest of your life is just around the corner. And what better to commemorate the experience, either high school or college, than with photographs that you can share with your friends and family, post on social media, and print to keep with you forever.
Our high school senior and college graduation sessions are designed to be fun, informal, and most importantly, fit your own personal sense of taste and style. We'll talk beforehand about your goals for the photo session so we can get a sense of what you are looking for, and spend time capturing timeless photos while making sure you look your best. We have a few favorite spots in Stillwater that work great, but we're happy to go anywhere you want if you have something specific in mind.
Flexibility is key: Bring any props, outfits, or friends that you want to help make you feel great and look your best. It's our job to give you a photo session that not only results in some nice photos but lets you be yourself and have a fun and enjoyable time as well.